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BURSA IDE POJOK IKLIM adalah media bagi masyarat yang mempunyai ide tentang Perubahan Iklim, Katagori tulisan Menyangkut Sharing Data/Informasi, Permohonan Donatur dan Diundang di Pojok Iklim, setiap tulisan akan diverifikasi terlebih dahulu sebelum ditampilkan di website POJOK IKLIM. Untuk Berkontribusi pada forum ini silakan Anda REGISTRASI, jika belum memiliki AKUN, atau LOGIN untuk yang telah memiliki AKUN.


The Congestion Killer

"Traffic jams" can form out of the simplest things. One driver gets too close to another and has to brake, as does the driver behind, as does the driver behind him - pretty soon, the first driver has ...

The Morning Multi Tasker

The problem with laptops and tablets, says Mark Rolston of the design firm Frog, is that they’re confined by a screen. He wants to turn the entire room into a monitor, where you can have the news on...
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Electric Clothes

Physicists at Wake Forest University have developed a fabric that doubles as a spare outlet. When used to line your shirt — or even your pillowcase or office chair — it converts subtle differences...